Turf damage can occur from a number of directions; pets, kids, lawn disease, drought, repairs, erosion and the list goes on. It is essential to restore the grass in damaged areas. Bare ground or disturbed soil will not naturally replace itself with grass. Damaged areas will naturally grow weeds and unwanted grasses.

The prudent response to damaged turf is to reseed the damaged areas which prevents unwanted plant establishment. We offer this service and when required perform the activity in conjunction with a spring aeration. We use premium quality seed to optimize germination and the quick establishment of new turf.

We recommend from time to time that entire lawn surfaces be over seeded. Introducing new grass varieties reduces susceptibility to common turf diseases and improves the lawn appearance. Entire lawn over seeding is done with the spring aeration. The same process is effective at restoring neglected lawns, saving the homeowner hundreds of dollars when compared to installing new sod.



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