Watering Alert

Drought stress has been observed throughout our area. It is time to make sure your sprinkler systems are turned on and functional and start actively watering your lawn. Watering maximizes the health and appearance of your lawn. Proper watering alleviates drought related stress, and minimizes damage due to insect and disease activity. Watering is the most important component to maintaining a healthy lawn.


The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning when you can utilize the lower temperatures and the morning dew. Watering during midday you will loose water penetration due to heat and have to water much longer to achieve desired results.


The healthiest lawns are produced by watering heavily and infrequent intervals. On the average a lawn needs 1-2 inches of water a week, 2-3 inches when the lawn in in drought stress, so watering 45 min per zone or section is a good practice. When hotter temperatures come or your lawn is already in drought stress you need to adjust the time to an hour per day or per section.

Watering after all fertilizer, weed control, and fungicide treatments improves their effectiveness.

These are general guidelines and all lawns are different.


Signs that Your Lawn Needs Water


Temperatures have been above average the last 24-48 hours


Soil appears dry on visual contact


Discoloration of turd. This can vary from darkened areas to shades of brown to yellow.


Footprints remaining visible. When foot prints and tire tracks remain visible on your lawn long after being made, your lawn needs water.




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