Family Tree and Shrub Care

Pest Management Program

Application Times: Spring/Late Spring-Early Summer/Summer/Fall

Trees and shrubs are the backbone for the ecosystem around your home. Trees provide shade, which helps to keep your house cool, which in turn helps lower your summer cooling bills. Trees also provide protection from damaging wind and hail storms. As an added bonus, they provide a habitat for birds, which will enhance your outdoor experience when you hear them chirping in the summertime. Our certified arborist will evaluate your Trees & Shrubs, and prescribe what is needed for your particular landscape and circumstances.

The information gathered from you customized analysis, combined with knowledge of plant requirements, will help us determine the most effective and responsible strategy to manage pests and fungal diseases on your landscape plantings. Cultural, environmental, and maintenance concerns may also be identified that impact plant health or vigor.

The Family Tree and Turf Care® approach calls for inspection and a very selective use of products to fit your individual needs. Our Program will include regular inspection, timely pest management, and fertilization that can ward off the damaging effects of insects and disease and encourage healthier growth. Your trees & shrubs represent an important and consistently growing investment in the value of your property. This investment in trees and shrubs requires regular, professional inspection and treatment to ward off the damaging effects of insects and disease. Besides careful pest management we will provide feedings for your plantings as well.

Certain plantings are resistant and immune to pest problems. These plants will be inspected and treated only if needed.












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